At SGGT Europe we are lucky to have PGA Golf professional Robert Wootton as our Golf Coach. Robert is a AAA Golf Professional who already have helped many Tour Players and golfers of all levels with his coaching and unique clubfitting method.

Robert's approach to coaching contains the values you should expect at SGGT Europe. He's not a golf coach who tries to build the same swing into everybody. He styles his coaching specifically to your unique swing.

As every swing needs its personal clubheads, shafts and grips which suits your style best. Robert will let you feel the difference and you're swing have never felt that easy and on top of that your overall clubhead speed will improve! At SGGT Europe we work with more than 20 different high quality brands, you'll have the choice of more than 20.000 different combinations!

The unique clubfitting combination is going to improve your golf game dramatically, that's a promise! 


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